2017 Residential INTERCLEAN Show 
aka the "Cleaning Convention"
​ARCSI Keynote Addresses
The Power of One: Creating an Extraordinary Customer Experience! 
Elaine Beaubien, President, Management Training Seminars

Customer satisfaction begins with superior products and distinctive service. That is just your first step. Go beyond satisfaction and create an extraordinary customer experience. This requires a commitment by everyone in your organization…The Power of One! It is far more cost effective to keep a customer, then to find a new one!  Become part of a legend! Your reputation is not what you say about yourself! It is the aggregate of what people say about you! This is particularly true in today’s marketplace. Transform your customers and all those you serve into an uncompensated sales force! Delight them so that they will want to sing your praises. No marketing tool is as powerful as a positive first-hand testimonial. Word-of-mouth is more effective in securing customers than any other method of promotion. 
Pillars of Customer Service
Dave Murray, The DiJulius Group

Dave joined The DiJulius Group after 20 years of experience in customer service, marketing, and sales, primarily in the sports and entertainment industry. Dave’s experience has varied from leading call centers and front-line team members, to working closely with key partners and stakeholders. A former client of The DiJulius Group, Dave has been working with the X-Commandments since the debut of “What’s The Secret” in 2008. Dave has been personally trained on the methodology created by John DiJulius, and uses it regularly with clients including Anytime Fitness, Carnival Cruise Lines, TravelCenters of America, and many more. As a Senior Customer Experience Consultant with The DiJulius Group, Dave leads clients in generating ideas, turning those ideas into systems, and then implementing and executing them enterprise wide. 
Why 93% of Cleaning Companies Don't Reach $1 Million 
(And How You Can Get There)
Debbie Sardone, The Maid Coach

Debbie is a leading expert in the cleaning industry. She started her business out of the trunk of her car and grew it to one of the largest maid services in the country. Her national nonprofit has helped thousands of women receive free housecleaning while battling cancer, and her global consulting business helps maid service owners get where they want to be in business.

Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast
Kristen Hadeed, Student Maid

Over the last nine years, Kristen Hadeed has challenged the millennial status quo and learned it takes to bring out the best in people. At 19, she launched a company that has now employed hundreds of millennials and is known for its industry‐leading retention rate and culture of trust, accountability and empowerment. Many of her former employees have gone on to run their own businesses and have received highly‐sought after positions in companies around the world.
Let's Get This MONEY!
Alonzo Adams, Busy Bee Cleaning Company

This session will be about creating a business model build on profits not just revenue. Find out why Banks look at profits over revenue. My session will teach you how to keep more money in your pocket by creating some very aggressive cost cutting measures in your business. Profit maximization is a skill every business owner should learn and implement in their business. Learn how to drive profits and fatten your pockets and learn how to get more with less. Plus find out how to get paid, raise prices, get more customers, control cost and keep expense to a minimal.
​ARCSI Breakout Session Speakers