2017 Residential INTERCLEAN Show 
aka the "Cleaning Convention"
Expand your Network: 
Volunteer at the Cleaning Convention
By sharing your time and talents with ARCSI 
at the Convention, you will put 
yourself in a position to:​

  • Make new friends and professional contacts
  • Connect with your community
  • Explore new areas of interest
  • Give back to your profession
  • Have a fun and fulfilling experience
  • Share your knowledge and abilities
  • Sharpen your leadership skills

The ARCSI Cleaning Convention, with more than 25 hours of education and networking, 10 individual presenters and a cadre of first-time attendees, is a HUGE undertaking for the staff team. We can't pull this off without your help!

Convention Buddy
ARCSI Convention Buddies are ARCSI members who have attended at least one previous ARCSI Convention. Convention Buddies volunteer to be matched with a first-time attendee to help “show them the ropes” at the Convention. Buddies are on the scene as a friendly face in the crowd when the first-time attendees arrive at the First-time Attendee Orientation and Welcome Reception. ARCSI Convention Buddy volunteers can be assigned up to, but no more than, three (3) new convention attendees. First-time attendees will have colored name tags at the orientation and the welcome reception to make them easier to find.

Room Captain
Be in charge of a session at the conference: Volunteers need to meet the presenter, make the sure the room is prepared for the session and handle the distribution and collection of evaluations. Each room will have 2 room captains – a new Convention attendee and a seasoned attendee. A member of the ARCSI Board or Convention Committee will be introducing the speaker. The Room Captains will be responsible for all other preparation duties.

Roundtable Moderator
ARCSI's round tables are informal, topical discussions where members can share challenges and successes, and offer advice on a specific topic. Moderators DO NOT need to be experts in the topic they are moderating. You just need to keep the discussion moving attempt to keep one person from dominating the conversation.

Booth Volunteers
​ARCSI is always represented on the ISSA Trade Show Floor with its own booth. The booth is a place for ARCSI members to gather on the Show Floor and meet with Industry Partners. The booth is also the place where non-members can come to learn about ARCSI – who we are and what we do. Having volunteers at the booth is critical to our success at the Show. For two (2) hours, you control the scene at the ARCSI booth on the ISSA Show floor. You are the face of ARCSI, representing your association to the many visitors on the trade show floor.